Virtual Reading Group

Have you not been on stage for a long time because of the pandemic? Have you never been on stage with a speaking role but always wanted to give it a try? Do you have an interest in reading plays online via Zoom with like-minded people in a relaxed atmosphere with no judgment? Then this group is for you! 

The Orange Players will be hosting a recurring online reading group for all members. 
We will be reading new works and classics, full, medium, and short plays, one act plays, comedy, drama… the list is endless!

Everyone will have a chance to read in a play and also listen to others as they read, picking up useful tips and helpful information along the way!

We will plan to begin meeting in March 2022 via Zoom and can meet according to the convenience of those registered - whether it be weekly, bi-monthly or monthly. You do not have to attend all of the reading meetings, attend as you wish or per your interest. You can join at any time. 

You will need to register using the link below. 

To get started, please follow these 2 steps:
1) you must be a paid member of the Orange Players to participate. Membership is $16 and is renewable annually on September 1. Add two dollars per person per household. Half year memberships are available March 1 - August 31, $9.00 per person and will be renewable on Sept. 1 at the yearly rate of $16.

There are two ways to pay.

PayPal (please note, PayPal will automatically sign you up for annual renewals. BUT…We will cancel that option  for you within 3-5 business days so there will be no recurring annual payment by you)


To pay by check, please visit the membership form and mailing address:

Sign up here!


Sign Up!

We will send an email to the group late March with details to set up our first meeting.
All are welcome to become members and to join this group. 

If you would like to sign up now and pay later, you may do so. Please be certain to pay prior to your attendance in the online group.

We look forward to reading with you!


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All are welcome to join. 
We hope to hear from you!
The Orange Players


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