Welcome to the home of the Orange Players!

“Fairy Tales are more than true: not because they tell us dragons exist,
but because they tell us dragons can be beaten”.
- G.K. Chesterton

Every time I read this quote it immediately reminds me that anything is possible. When people come together to share ideas, to share common interests and goals, to share ideas, it makes anything possible.  Whether it's directing, acting, building sets, doing program, or working on any aspect of a show, that is how we all make things possible in Orange Players. By coming together and sharing our passion. 

I look forward to seeing each of you and working with each of you this coming Orange Players season. I look forward to welcoming new members and welcoming back familiar faces. I look forward to watching you teach someone how to texture a set, or how to track down appropriate props or remind an actor to move stage left (no their other left) or learn how to dutchman a flat. I look forward to applauding your efforts on stage and off.  

I hope I will see each and every one of you in some capacity this coming season – on stage, back stage, in the audience, any time you can give of yourself is deeply appreciated.

You are the reason that Orange Players exists and continues to exist. You are the reason that we are able to bring a smile to the faces of our audiences. You are the reason that so many friendships and families have begun and continue with Orange Players. As we begin a new season and reflect on the past there is no time more fitting to say Welcome and Welcome Back al our family and friends.

All my best to you and yours today and in the days to come,

Patt Brotschul
President, Orange Players

PS – you’ll just have to join us in a production or in a workshop if you want to learn what “dutchman” is.  ;-)


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