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"With a play, a writer creates the script, and then directors and actors pick it
up and interpret it and bring it to visual realization. It isn’t written, and then
read by readers quietly, the dark of spooky night, all alone. Seeing and making
theater is a communal experience."

- JEN DIAMOND, Interviews with Cohesion Playwrights Fellows,
Part 1, DC Metro Theater Arts

A love of theater, a love of community, and the desire to bring the two together has been the goal of The Orange Players for over forty years. Whether one is performing, writing, directing, building a set, making costumes, running props or lights, designing a program, or selling tickets, all are important in putting together a show, a cabaret or a reading. In community theater we need and value everyone. And, in community theater we sometimes do it all. We learn from each other and are inspired by one another.

Our passion for theater and music has brought so many people together throughout the years. We have developed friendships that are long lasting.

It is our hope to adapt the goals of the Orange Players to fit the reality of today's community theatre. We can do this by trying new concepts such as Acting Up, our series of one act plays, offering writers, directors and actors new opportunities, but on a smaller scale as far as rehearsal time, expense etc. are concerned than in a standard production. Another area where we have also had some success is in bringing performances involving readings and music to senior citizen groups and residences. In other words accommodating the changing needs of the community and would-be thespians. We welcome any suggestions that would further this endeavor.

Our organization is open to all who are interested in bringing theater arts to the area. We encourage new membership and new ideas.

We look forward to a new season of the Orange Players. We look forward to seeing both familiar faces and new ones.


Peg Meisenhelder and Joan Stenner


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